Dilara Ogretmen & Malachai Payne

DILARA AND MALACHAI taught together on various occasions and around the world. They are a couple of young maestros bringing freshness and elegance to the world of Tango in Europe.


The moment DILARA OGRETMEN experienced Tango – her life changed. The longing to emerge in the dance gave her the motivation to appropriate the technique passionately. She has become one of the best followers and leaders in Europe.

As a teacher and as a dancer she is well known for her adaptability, kindness, and intuition. What she – as a follower – loves about Tango, is the potential to express femininity. As a leader, she values creativity and musical expression.

She regularly performs, collaborates and teaches with many different artists in Europe and Buenos Aires and is one of the main organizers of the legendary milonga Popular in Berlin. When Berlin Tango discovered Dilara Oegretmen – it was not the same anymore…


People called MALACHAI PAYNE a “young tango genius” more than a decade ago. He hasn’t stopped inspiring us since then!

He made his debut on the Arizona (USA) Tango scene at the age of 14. At that time, he devoted himself completely to learning and, at a dizzying pace, he became an excellent dancer, instructor, and expert in Tango music. Currently he lives and works in Berlin.

As a teacher, Malachai places strong emphasis on building connection, which is to be the starting point for building complex sequences drawing on any style or technique.

His dance can be distinguished by very original rhythm and precision of movement. We are sure that he will quickly turn your Tango world upside-down (in a very good way!).