Maria Mastoropoulou & Panagiotis Triantafyllou

Maria and Panagiotis are tango teachers and performers born in Greece. They started working together in 2022 as equally experienced tango artists and teachers. Each of them brings unique and interesting qualities to classes and performances. With each their own unique energy, put together Panos and Maria create an energising mixture of emotional fire with a huge dose of pure mindfulness. In their classes they use various teaching methods to convey a very coherent style and dancing technique thanks to having worked alongside multiple tango stars before joining forces in this duo.

MARIA MASTOROPOULOU was born and lives in Kalamata, Greece. She discovered tango as a young girl. She started performing already in 2011 (in both roles). In 2012 she opened a tango school where she regularly teaches, both as a leader and follower. On top of that she’s an energetic tango DJ and the founder and organiser of Los Higos – a prestigious tango marathon in Kalamata, Greece.
In her tango work Maria puts a huge emphasis on body structure, strength, communication, and active connection with the partner. She also works with music, rhythmical, and melodic qualities.

When she isn’t teaching or dancing, she is a mother and works full time as an aircraft engineer.

PANAGIOTIS TRIANTAFYLLOU (or simply, Panos) was born in the north of Greece, where he discovered tango in 2013. 6 years later, in 2019, he opened a tango school in Stockholm, Sweden, where he regularly teaches. By day a computer scientist and electrical engineer, by night a tango teacher and performer. On top of that a non-stop traveller.
Because of his technical background, Panagiotis is an artist with a scientific approach to movement. In his classes students often work with probs or slides. Panos is one of the most creative dances, always surprising with interesting organic movements and qualities.