Dilara Ogretmen & Armin Marschall

DILARA AND ARMIN taught together in the legendary milonga Popular which refreshed the Berlin tango scene with new concepts and a combination of tango and club life.

The moment DILARA OEGRETMEN experienced Tango – her life changed. The longing to emerge in the dance gave her the motivation to appropriate the technique passionately. 

As a teacher and as a dancer she is well known for her adaptability, kindness, and intuition. What she – as a follower – loves about Tango, is the potential to express femininity. 

She performed and taught with many different teachers and dancers and is one of the main organizers of the legendary milonga Popular in Berlin. When Berlin Tango discovered Dilara Oegretmen – it was not the same anymore…

ARMIN MARSCHALL was Tango-socialized in the vibrating Tango-metropole of Berlin city where he started to teach in 2011. His Tango was often described as playful and musical, open to different forms and shapes. 

During his journey, he met many Tango lovers who helped enrich and refine his movements and nourished his dancing. Armin jokes that “the list of all tango teachers, colleagues, and friends from whom his dancing benefited would exceed the pantheon of Greek gods” 🔱

At work and on the dancefloor Armin is also drawing from other forms of movement, like Tai Chi, Axis Syllabus, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Limón-Technique, etc.

He uses various teaching and learning methods, since, in his own words, “one‘s style of dancing is determined by how one learns.”