Claudio Forte & Barbara Carpino

CLAUDIO FORTE and BARBARA CARPINO are tango teachers and performers based in Sicily (Italy) where they run a tango school.

They are among the most charismatic tango dancers of their generation. They both dance since 2002 and they quickly became one of the most famous European dancers and performers.

Barbara’s and Claudio’s dance background starts with ballet, contemporary dance, standard and Latin dances. Their style is a mixture of unique simplicity, softness, and elegance. For 20 years now Barbara and Claudio teach and travel with tango.

They started their tango journey together as kids, and soon after falling in love with the dance, they funded a tango school in Sicily, where they regularly teach since. They are inseparable, both as dancers and teachers, which led them to developing a very unique and well thought-through teaching methods.