5-10 of August 2019

12-17 of August 2019

Maritime Tango Challenge is 6 days of intensive workshop in Koszalin (Poland), three lessons a day 1.5 hours each by Tymoteusz Ley, Agnieszka Stach, and extra invited maestro couple.
The tango camp is dedicated to advanced and intermediate dancers only.
The workshops take place in two groups of 10 couples, which are taught by two pairs of maestros. Each group has classes with each teacher’s pairs for a change.

27 h of tango classes

for very experienced dancers

2 couples of maestros, 2 different techniques

workshops in a palace with a garden

only 10 couples in a group


Agnieszka Stach & Tymoteusz Ley

Sayaka Higuchi & Joscha Engel


Agnieszka Stach & Tymoteusz Ley

Magdalena Myszka & Damian Thompson

The two couples of maestros who teach during the workshops usually do not—nor do they need to—share the same dance technique or aesthetics. This diversification is purposeful and results in great benefits for the students.

Completing the workshops, participants begin to understand that there is one tango and that different techniques have a common source. This combination allows them to make independent choices as to the foundations of their own way of dancing.

Both teaching couples use similar methodics, which explores the detailed mechanics of movement and leads to the understanding of the origins of movements.

Tango Challenge is the very place where we can analyze how our bodies behave when leading or following, and achieve truly organic motility.

workshops in a palace

The workshops takes place in Wydawnictwo Kurtiak i Ley which designs and prints artistic hand made books. Ot is a very exclusive venue with two sunny rooms for dancing kitchen and a rest room.

chillout in a garden

We are lucky to have an amazing old garden just for us to chill or have some tango classes. From two years we even have a special wooden dance floor there.

stretching for dancers

Without stretching before and after classes it is hard to improve your dance. Every year we invite professionals who help to gently boost our flexibility.

the beach

Gold sandy beaches are just 20 minutes by car from our workshops venue. We always choose the wildest parts with no tourists to chill or train together. If you miss a seaside crowd, fresh fish, amazing sweets you can chill in tiwn in a cost  - Mielno (14 km from Koszalin).

fast learning methods

We are crazy about fast and effectively tango learning methods.  During Tango Challenge we share our authorial methodics of tango learning based on Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory. 


In the garden, on a beach, in the restaurants... we try to have milongas every night in different place. Saturday night is a special, final milonga with a show of all the teachers.

before 1st of Jun


payment for the 18 tango classes
870 PLN for participants of previous Tango Challenge workshops - full payment before 1st of Jun - 32 pln/h
1140 PLN for NEW participants - full payment before 1st of Jun - 42 pln/h
AFTER 1st of Jun


payment for the 18 tango classes
1020 PLN for participants of previous Tango Challenge workshops - full payment before 1st of Jun - 38 pln/h
1260 PLN for NEW participants - full payment before 1st of Jun - 47 pln/h

Accommodation and meals are provided by the participants on their own.

how to get to Koszalin

Take a plain to nearest airports like SzczecinGdańsk, Berlin or Warsaw and then a fast train to Koszalin www.intercity.pl/en/.

If you like we can help you with booking polish fast train. Just tell us when and where will you arrive by plane. If you are from Germany it should be close enough to make a trip by car.