Tango Challenge is a workshops formula invent and develop by Tymoteusza Ley and Agnieszkę Stach. Nowadays there are two workshops a year, which take place in a Baltic Sea cost and in a cozy village Lanckorona 40 km from Cracow in winter.

The foundations of the workshops consist in:
– intensity (three 1.5-hour long lessons and a milonga each day),
– teaching led concurrently by two teaching couples,
– a program thoroughly exploring a particular subject instead of vaguely related titbits,
– an authorial methodics of tango teaching based on the principles of Mastery Training,
– small groups of participants selected in accordance with their dancing level, including one highly
advanced group,
– the organizer’s diligent concern for real integration of the group and an informal atmosphere.

All these efforts shall enable the dancers to introduce a lasting change in their apprehension of tango and dancing. Tango Challenge is a proven way to break the plateau effect, or the experience of complete stagnancy in your development.

The two couples of maestros who teach during the workshops usually do not—nor do they need to—share the same dance technique or aesthetics. This diversification is purposeful and results in great benefits for the students. Completing the workshops, participants begin to understand that there is one tango and that different techniques have a common source. This combination allows them to make independent choices as to the foundations of their own way of dancing. Both teaching couples use the same methodics, which explores the detailed mechanics of movement and leads to the understanding of the origins of movements. Tango Challenge is the very place where we can analyze how our bodies behave when leading or following, and achieve truly organic motility.

What are the Tango Challenge participants like? Most of them are young people from Poland as well as other parts of Europe. They have the ability to combine strict training discipline during the day and wild parties in the night. Each time, we feel truly distinguished that such vibrant and interesting personalities wish to trust themselves in our hands.

Are there any differences between Maritime and Winter Tango Challenge? Surely they are. Maritime Tango Challenge is a formula of 6 days workshops which is perfect for a deep process. During that workshops, students choose the accommodation by them own. Maritime edition is famous because of gorgeous milongas which are placed along the Baltic seaside. Winter Tango Challenge last shorter but because of living at the same place and winter weather students can really focus on their cases without distracting themselves by the outside world. Lanckorona, which is a place of the workshops, is a very special UNESCO village. From many years different polish artists have come there for the exact same reason – to share knowledge and can make art.